Camera app down, megapixels up
Today I apt update and check what is new.
Camera app was black (don't remember if it was before upgrade)
I saw a new app, megapixels
This is much smoother than camera app. However, button didn't take any picture...
Not working yet, but at least something moving here...
Megapixels is working in postmarketos.
Front and rear cameras.
if it works for postmarket shouldn't be already working for all distros?
megapixels is able after upgrading this morning to take hi res pictures with the back camera (no feedback, only image freezes for some seconds).. That is the only functionality which is working (at least on my system)
I have realised it also worked yesterday since I have some pictures dated from yesterday on the pictures folder. : )
(09-21-2020, 01:29 PM)natasha Wrote: if it works for postmarket shouldn't be already working for all distros?

Megapixels is in the Mobian Sept 22 'nightly release'.
and works.
(Unfortunately some other stuff broke)

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