Trying to get Quartz model A working
Hey there,
I hope you guys can help me get started on this one.

At the moment did the following and got stuck:

- Quartz model A board, with power and HDMI connected to external monitor
- Downloaded & Installed Balena Etcher in my Ubuntu
- Downloaded latest armbian image (Notice Armbian download link is broken on the Pine website)

Installed this on the EMMC card. Is there any switch to tell the board that needs to boot from the emmc or is automatic?

When I turn on the board, guess it's the Power button, do not get (so far anything) using HDMI.
Question: It would be really great to make a "getting started" section where is a bit more explained how to get started with this.

I know is only for developers, but developers don't necessarily need to be Rocket scientists to install Linux in a board Idea

Tried with Manjaro release:

and it seems HDMI works out of the box. Now next step is to connect a keyboard and try it out!

Maybe I just choosed the Armbian wrong distribution from the Archive? Or just one where the HDMI drivers are still not working.

One more recommendation: Can anyone tell me if there is a Linux distribution that I can install where it has already the Eink drivers?
Would like to connect an epaper and try it out.
Thanks a lot for your feedback.
C++ programmer

I think you may have used the wrong Armbian images. From my investigation it uses quartz specific builds:

I to just got my Quartz64 a few days ago, and are also a bit suprised at just how "developers only" it is.

And i have been flashing countless SBC boards for years of various kinds.

i tried the manual compiling of Arch linux from a guide on the Wiki, but the guide referenced gitlab CI artifacts that was expired and removed, and a few other things, and in the end i was not able to make it boot.

Today i will try to get Manjaro working, and then maybe detail a step by step guide and post it to the Wiki and in this forum.

No idea what kernel would allow for eink drivers sorry..
(06-09-2022, 06:30 AM)fasani Wrote: - Downloaded latest armbian image (Notice Armbian download link is broken on the Pine website)

Pine H64  = Allwinner

Quartz64A - Armbian LibreELEC AltLinux

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