Keyboard Case Redesign
This is my opinion. I own 2 original generation Pinephone v1.2b. I like the idea of the keyboard case, especially the addition of the battery. I waited on buying the keyboard case, as I didn't want to be a beta tester (I'm glad I waited). After witnessing the problems that others have experienced, I won't be purchasing the keyboard unless it is redesigned.

I think the Pinephone keyboard is a great accessory, but the POGO pin connection was a poor choice. I think it should be connected to the phone via USB and provide a USB hub.

Changing the Pinephone / Keyboard interconnection from POGO pins to USB has the following Pros & Cons:

* A redesign of the keyboard's phone interface circuit would be required. (A USB circuit, and hopefull a hub so other USB devices could be attached)
* A redesign of the Pinephone mounting in the keyboard would be required.
* The keyboard battery level would have to be displayed on the keyboard itself.

* No issues with poor contact with the POGO pins.
* Ability to use the Pinephone's USB port for peripherals (if a USB hub is added to the keyboard).
* No circuit redesign required of the Pinephone to prevent power feedback into keyboard if the phones USB port is used.
* The redesign of phone mount could allow for the back of the phone to remain in place including the LoRa and Fingerprint covers.
* The redesign of phone mount could allow for easier installation/removal of Pinephone from keyboard. (You could slide the phone out of the keyboard case to make/make a phone call - No spudger needed)
* No special keyboard driver to code and maintain.

pine organization has taken the path what they have taken, it has some advantages and disadvantages. at this point, argument is changing the course some way and change may not be justified enough.

i reserved this comment for the near future, but maybe i tell it now.

one pinephone could be, let's call it wide. this wide has keyboard prebuilt and it's clamshell as a vertical position. of course big battery. usb would work totally. specs would be similar to pp pro but price would be around 350 dollars.

i don't think that pine org is seriously planning next pinephone in this year (2022).

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