PinePhone Pro working on Lapdock using Arch Plasma
Just a further observation. in relation to once you get it working then you shutdown then want to set it back up again... i found it can be a bit of an art .... essentially if i run into any issue getting the lapdock to detect the signal / send one to the pinphone.... i usually find it comes down to having the phone at the lock screen "number pad" then i plug the cable in enter the lock screen code and wait to see if all is good. if it is not, then i change the cable orientation and rinse repeat usually within 2-3 tries ...

in reading through the pinebook forum for those that used external monitors it seems to be a thing that is experienced... from what i can gather, each device is setting which lane it is setting usb on and alt DP on and that can be the opposite between the devices, hence the changing the orientation of the cable until they are using the same lane etc.... it gets a little confusing because usb-c isnt meant to have superposition issues but the reality is different....

KDE could also do a better job on its side "how it detects and reacts to external monitor input" especially after more then one plugin event during the same session (as would happen when working out cable orientation) but that usually isn't the problem but would be "icing on the cake"

As for why the drivers do not do a better job of detecting and changing i do not know.... maybe someone with the skills can come up with a widget that allows for a software switch for alt dp orientation for the output port....

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