Just Received my Order; It Doesn't work?!
I hope you got it working, It seem that the only way to power it on properly is use Raspberry Pi Power Supply which is standard 5V and 2.5A or 2500mA. Anything else like power by computer USB port it may not work properly. Other thing the image must burned on to he MicroSD card using win32imager or similar tool. And the microUSB must be inserted into the Pine64. 
Link to the UK Universal Pi Pwr Supply is https://www.pi-supply.com/product/official-raspberry-pi-power-supply-newest-version/

I got the instructions from from IRC chat
 1) All Linux images are available here: http://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine_A6...re_Release
 2) If using windows, download win32imager - this is the program to burn dd images
 3) Unzip the Linux image then burn it to the SD card using win32imager or DD depending on OS
4) Once the image has burnt, boot the device and navigate to /usr/local/sbin
5) `ls` will show you all the available scripts. To resize your card do `sudo ./resize_rootfs.sh`
 6) Tip: If you encounter any problems during boot disconnect all peripherals (ethernet, hat(s), USB2 keyboard) and try again.
 Having Android Troubles? See quick tips below:
 1) There are two types of Android OS images: DD 
 2) and Phoenix Card
 3) If using a dd image you will need a program called win32imager (If on Windows, DD is a command on Linux/Mac); for the Phoenix image you need a program called Phoenix card
 4) Make sure to download the right image for the program you intend to use. For DD images their size must match the size of your SD card
 5) Unzip the image and burn it using one of the methods outlined in the steps above
 6) Tip: on first boot disconnect ethernet, and connect it once the boot process has finished
 7) If you use Phoenix card, make sure you select  'Startup!' and leave the pine alone for 15 min after booting - background processes are active
 8) If you are using the official Pine64 touchscreen then there is a special image you need to download -  it is clearly marked as 'LCD PANEL RELEASE' on wiki - you need to burn it using phoenix

https://www.pine64.pro/  You have to be very strict in following the instructions. For 15 dollars per board there is no wiggle room added to make any kind of accommodations or include forgiveness.

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