Pine Arrived; No Sound in Remix Using HDMI
Hi there.

My Pine just arrived.  When I fired it up on Remix everything seems to work but I am not getting any sound from a TV connected using HDMI.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

Have you tried Android?

You're probably not doing anything wrong... you might check all your TV settings, and you might try another HDMI cable; and get a quality cable, the shorter the better. 3-6 ft.. 1m.

Is your monitor a flat panel TV, old style TV... have you tried *all* TV settings for audio?

I have a 2 GB Pine.

I haven't tried Android yet. I did order an SD card with Android. I don't want to open it until a shipping related issue is resolved.

I have a flat panel TV. The cable is one an HDMI switch that works correctly with several other computers (both video and sound). The video part works fine with a Pine.

On the TV I have check for muting and turned the volume to the maximum. When you say to check the TV settings, could you be more specific what you are referring to?

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