How to move Firefox address bar back to top?
I don't know who thought it was a "great idea" to move Firefox's address bar to the bottom of the screen but I find it really annoying and confusing. How can I move it back to the top where it belongs?

So far the only thing I've found is this suggestion from Mozilla support  from nearly 2 years ago saying to go to Settings, then Customize:

However I don't see "Customize" in the settings and searching doesn't find it either.

Answering my own question, I found that the Firefox-ESR section in the Mobian Wiki at the very bottom had instructions to edit the file /etc/mobile-config-firefox/userChrome.css in order to move the address bar to the bottom. Obviously at some point this had been done in an update. So I found a section in that file with the comment Move navigation bar to bottom. Commenting out that entire section moved the address bar back to the top.
i have manjaro, so something is obviously different.

i found package "mobile-config-firefox", which is installed. my guess is that uninstalling that package will revert normal dekstop mode. switching display mode from 200% into 100% will also switch to dekstop mode with obvious disadvantage.
On mine, I created a desktop icon with Firefox configured to work in desktop mode, I don't remember instructions off the top of my mind but I can dig my phone if this could be of any help. Net result, a firefox icon as per standard PP config and a 'firefox desktop' icon for a fully fledged firefox I used - for example - with the page
It's stuff like this which is turning me off from Mobian and making SXMO look better and better all the time.

It was so long ago (when I first got the phone) I had almost forgotten the fact that there is no real desktop that you can navigate to, I mean at all.

Then there was the fact that Phosh does not support vanilla CardDAV out of the box. Plenty of proprietary services are supported just fine though of course.

I'm sure there are more I am forgetting. And now this. I can guarantee it's not going to be the end of stuff like this though. Remember Gnome 3? LOL!

I have been a big proponent of Phosh in the past but the shine is wearing off for me personally. YMMV of course.

What is Free Software and why is it so important for society?

Protocols, not Platforms

For the most Linux-y experience on your Linux phone, try SXMO!

Since 2023-04-01 I became Armbian Maintainer for PineBook Pro (no it's not April Fool's joke! Big Grin )
I have just bumped into this again with a fresh install on a PPP. My previous fix dumping Aris s css fixes for Firefox into the .mozilla folder under home no longer has any effect, I removed the package firefox-esr-mobile-config package which put the address bar etc back at the top.

Then I followed the normal install instructions here to get Firefox looking the way *I* want it to look.

Whilst spending an hour or so fixing this I had a facepalm moment when I discovered that the command "sudo thunar" does not launch thunar with root access. Root access via the GUI under Linux is something I find exceedingly useful on the odd occasions I wish to use it. My linux phone is starting to feel more like a locked down Android device than a FOSS linux one.

Edit: after reading around I have discovered that the problem of root access for GUI apps is not a feature of Mobian as such but as a result of decisions made by the OS/desktop components that it is based on. Workarounds appear to be available.
You can go into /etc/mobile-config-firefox (not rewritten on updates) and comment out that part of the UserChrome.css file and that will return it to the top. It's labeled with a comment "Move navigation bar to bottom".

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