Android 11 ATV
Android 11 ATV build

gapps not fully working googleplay wont work yet apps can be added through uptodown app or usb etc

inspired by the builds of mo123 for other devices i am trying to make a ATV build for the Quartz64-a

only from google login issue it is working nice on my device 
4K,HDR, wifi etc

some cooling is advised

gpt image wich you can flash on sd or emmc

dts used :

android 11 source with rockchip sdk  (just google )
added gapps

android box configs:

gpt image


kernel updates
added codec profiles (Rockit is updated)
npu activated
added internal drives configure
more bootoptions for android sata,nvme etc.

remove almost all rockchip apps

Google Apps login works after you spoof the device with the added module for Magisk

boot.img already patched with Magisk (activate magisk from menu ,update and reboot for su )

major diffrence with 12 is that hdr works on 11

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.zip (Size: 3.55 KB / Downloads: 13)

Enabled pcie
enabled DSI (not checked)
split in a sata and usb3 since the newer quartz got only usb3



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