Pine A64 not powering up / Power button missing
(07-05-2016, 12:16 AM)janeku Wrote: 2. Regarding power button , there is also issue: It is not functional if you use it without battery. Your device will power on for a short and then power off. You need connected battery with some operational status (full, half full, etc) in order when you press power button your system could turn on. So, my recomendation is no to bother with it till something is figured out how to fix this issue. Just shut down your OS, unplug power supply and turn it on when you want it again.

I've experienced this with a linux boot, but not android or remix. Power button works fine with android/remix, to boot or shutdown, no battery attached. I don't have a battery as yet, so not sure if that takes care of the linux issue and being able to use the power button to initiate boot.

Power button is also functional for powering down with debian and debian mate ( which I tried for the first time last evening. (Based on first impressions, it may very well become my go-to debian image.). a quick press gives shutdown options..reboot or shutdown.

Anyone else seeing power button problems when a battery is not attached? I just might be misunderstanding the scenario janeku is describing.

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