User login change
(04-04-2022, 12:49 PM)onubatux Wrote: I got it using gdm3
First you register a new user from the console with the command: (change diego for your name)

sudo adduser diego

Install gdm3 this is the process
first update the repositories using:

sudo apt update

then we install gdm3

sudo apt install gdm3

It is not necessary to restart, and do not despair that it takes a little while for the gdm3 screen to appear, but it appears as you can see in the images above.

when you get the gdm3 screen you will see the two users:
the touch screen works normally. You select the new user (if not, it's not funny)

important in bottom gear select phosh environment

and to make the keyboard appear you drag from bottom to top.
and enjoy the new user.


I have found a small bug in the use of gdm3. When you start the phone, you barely have time to see the gdm3 screen.

The solution I have found right now is the following:
You enter with the default user, the first on your list. In my case it is mobian as you can see in the first photo that I have passed.

When you are with that user you go to a command console and use the following command:

sudo systemctl restart gdm3

and it is fixed until the next reboot of the phone.

You can exit and change users as many times as you want, gdm3 will only fail when starting the phone. but we already have a solution.

Enjoy whoever wants to use it.

Can you kindly elaborate how do you switch the users? Say from mobian (default user) to mobian2 and then back to mobian?
If I make both users admin (sudoers) I can with both users restart the gdm (sudo systemctl restart gdm3) but that is very cumbersome.

I tried opening up terminal and do CTL+ALT+F6 and CTL+ALT+F12 to switch between desktops but that didn't work...

Thank you

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