OpenMediaVault: link from wiki or Armbian?

I've got a RockPro64 with NAS case, and I'm willing to use it mainly as a NAS. OpenMediaVault seems the logical option, and the wiki link to a github repository ( which seems interesting but maintained by a single person and which has not seen any update since last summer.

While I appreciate the work done, I think that Armbian with OpenMediaVault installed above it seems a more future-proof option. Armbian offers latest Debian/Ubuntu released (I'll most probably go with Debian), and I see that video and 3D acceleration are available (the NAS will be placed next to video projector, so it will be useful).

Thus I would like some feedback: is there any drawback to use Armbian directly for OMV, is there any reason to use the repository linked in the wiki instead?


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