Battery not charging when run down to 0.
Having problem with PPPro battery.  After running down to 0 it will not take a charge,  I have to switch out a battery from from one of my PPs which has a charge and then it will boot. I place the PPPro battery in to the PP I switched battery from and it takes a charge and boots the PP and continues charging.  Don't know if the OS (Manjaro) or the battery is at fault. I suspect the OS. Would be nice to turn the Phone off when it reaches a certain threshold (5% maybe).
Found This:
General Discussion of PinePhone Pro › Guide to power off the Pinephone Pro on low battery. Addresses Turning off PPP at 5% threshold.
I found it necessary to switch off the phone modem to allow charging while powered up.

I also switched off the cameras since they do not work.

The cable with extended ends is necessary for charging.

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