What's the Pinephone headphone jack/similar part?
My headphone connector is a little messed up, e.g. I need to use a rubber band to hold my headphone cables *just so* in order to use the thing. I'm looking that part or similar-enough ones that I could swap out on my board. I'm not afraid of a little soldering and I think it'd be a little silly to buy an entire new mainboard just due to one headphone connector. (My mic is apparently also messed up: given my skill I'd expect it'd be better to just order a new daughterboard and install that, but if anyone's aware of that part, LMK?)

https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/PinePhone_component_list lists the part as "JA-3606-001AA 3.5mm audio jack". I didn't find this exact ID on alibaba or digikey, and I haven't found especially similar-looking TRRS jacks on Digikey in a few minutes of digging. So if anybody's got a decent set of calipers to get some approximate dimensions of the connector on their Pinephone, maybe I can use that information to try to find something with a similar spec sheet?

Any other ideas or advice would be welcome Smile
yeah, I'm coming up empty searching for this part.

any chance @lukasz or someone else on staff might be able to help source a workable replacement part?
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