Pine64 $15 card killed my $120 keyboard
Electrically USB supports hot plugging but most operating system use caching so USB data storage appears faster this by redirecting reads to the USB storage device to the cache. If the most recent data is still in the cache then the cache returns the result and read stops there. Writes to, data still pending, can be written to the cache instead resulting a massive increase in access speed but is comes with a hidden cost.

Caching acts like a temporary ramdisk and has an inherant flaw, namely that the OS shows that data writes have completed before all cached data has actually been written to the USB device, thus if you remove the device before the cache is empty then not all the data is written resulting in, what the OS sees as, data loss and formatting errors.

Again the need to unplug/eject USB media is the Operating System's need rather than the USB's, the later is quite happy if you remove a device half way through writing, it didn't lie about what data was written, it was the OS that lied.

Since USB is designed to be hot pluggable and only a problem with storage devices because of the OS lying about write completions then by rights you should be able to plug and unplug a normally keyboard for instance as many times as you like, assuming both manufacturers have kept to the USB standard then there should be no problems.

The OP had a device which had been working fine, it failed when it was plugged into his pine, many things could have gone wrong and we as outsiders cannot legitimately have any opinion about why it failed given the information available from the OP. The OP who I would say is not competent (surmised from what he did post) to make the decision that the pine caused his keyboard to fail made a statement based upon belief as well and I read his post as such.

We all, I presume, want to be helpful but posting mere opinion as fact cannot be seen as being helpful, presenting your faith as evidence doesn't make it convincing. I say faith because unless you understand the why of something based upon facts then your mantra of protection is just that a belief, one I now hope has now changed into an understanding based upon facts instead.

I do not like to be pedantic but I have noticed that one poster here and across the forum is quick ( in IMHO ) to post his opinion (to often based purely upon faith) as being fact and, I would say, that posts of this type are no help at all. It may be a problem of translation between brain and keyboard but I would ask that person to think first and check twice what he has written before hitting post. If it is just an opinion then make that clear by including "I think", "I believe", "in my opinion", "in my experience" etc otherwise you are annoying people because you are countering their statements based upon faith alone when this is not a religious forum.

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