UBUNTU first boot
Hello everybody,

I disperately need your help in order to complete the first boot.
I receive this message, could it be due to the WIFI keyboard inserted in the USB port?

thanks for your help

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Try firing the machine up without a keyboard, then add the keyboard-dongle after boot?
If you're using the normal Ubuntu-image, you should get a windowmanager with loginscreen after 30-40 seconds on first boot. Linux detects most things inserted in the USB-port, so try plugging it in after the WM fires up. I've never had such issues myself with a wireless Lenovo-keyboard/mouse combo or my Logitech bluetooth-dongled mediapc keyboard on the Ubuntu-images or Debian base image.
Unfortunately booting it wihtout the keyboard seems not solve the issue. I see some errors related to sdmmc, maybe it's the image itself that is not correctly booting. any suggestion on the correct image i should use (i've already followed the instructions posted onj this forum related to mounting ubuntu image)
When the Pine64 ubuntu boots, it hangs for 5 minutes waiting for internet on eth0, I saw a fix somewhere to change that time out, but i don't recall at the moment, I'll do some looking.

I got around it to boot faster by just running hard-wired for now, and never got around to actually fixing it.

Hopefully this helps!
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If you don't need the eth0, simply disable/commenting it in /etc/network/interface
(06-29-2016, 11:23 AM)martinayotte Wrote: If you don't need the eth0, simply disable/commenting it in /etc/network/interface

change to:

iface eth0 inet manual

It will then show up in network manager as not managed, and unless you bring it up manually it will stay nicely out of the way.  I have done this with my wifi systems; works well.

If you just plug in a network cable (with active network) in the ethernet port , it will go to login screen in a few seconds.
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