Are you OK with the size of the PinePhone?
It's too small, I would like to have a PinePhone "Max"
I'm perfectly fine with the size
It's too tall, I would like to have a PinePhone "Mini"
I don't care
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Are you OK with the size of the PinePhone?
Hi folks!

I would appreciate your opinions on that topic. For me the size of the PP is the biggest showstopper...what about you?
i decided to vote for bigger phone, because i want bigger battery. that's assuming only one size option. in case of pinephone, some kind compromize need to be chosen.

this is subjective issue though. if there would be two models or sizes then i would think small one and big one would be options. some cases i might support all three.
I would like a smaller phone, where making it thicker to provide more battery room would not bother me at all, like my old feature phone that fits a hand and a pocket better.
I like the size of the PinePhone as a phone, but as a small computer I would like to see it bigger. Maybe we could see a PinePhablet in a 7" or 8" size.
I think the size is fine, especially considering the fact we're using PC software on a phone, and at least under Phosh there's no 10-key keyboard that doesn't suck (Majiit on Plamo and Lomiri on the other hand is superior over the ones on Android and iOS), so the screen being as big as it is is pretty much necessary.
For a "SMART PHONE" the screen is already hard enough to see and surf websites already, any smaller and it would be impossible to use..!

IF you want a small phone : ... Get a feature/Message phone.!
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(12-14-2021, 03:17 AM)bcnaz Wrote: ... Get a feature/Message phone.!

i don't like to irritate but can you suggest a good one. even many basic phones are based on smartphone o.s. with some annoyances or does not have volte. volte starting to be requirement even for dumb-phones.
Something of the size of the iPhone SE would be perfect in my opinion if it could be done. The current size is too big for everyday use for me, it's annoyingly big when put into pockets and it's basically impossible to use with one hand because I can't reach the far edges of the screen with my thumb without risking to drop the phone. For media consumption a smartphone screen is small anyway and for using the terminal a smartphone screen will never be comfortably large (which is no problem because of SSH). A smaller sized phone would be much more practical for me.
I'm in the same boat. Even a thickness of ~15mm would not bother me if it had the outer dimensions of an iPhone SE 2016 or slightly bigger. Maybe not real esthetic but fine for carry and using with one hand.
I think the size is fine, however a little too small for real computing. The screen resolution is definetly too low though.

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