Lomiri on Mobian?
Hi, is it possible to install Lomiri on Mobian? I have played around with different distros/GUIs and imo Mobian is the best distro while Ubuntu Touch has the best DE. I guess i could just install Lomiri and systemctl disable phosh, but is there anything that i should know beforehand? I had calling issues in Ubuntu and it seems like the communication-apps are DE-specific. Does it have dependencies that recieve a different update cycle on Mobian? Are there other potential issues i didn't think of? Kind regards.
it doesn't appear to blatantly available yet, but it does appear someone is working on porting lomiri to debian: https://sunweavers.net/blog/node/131 you can find their develop page, too, with status of each package so far https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?emai...debian.org
Didn't/Doesn't Manjaro have a Lomiri version? If so, how did they manage it?
(12-21-2021, 03:24 PM)ragreenburg Wrote: Didn't/Doesn't Manjaro have a Lomiri version? If so, how did they manage it?

Yes, Manjaro has a Lomiri version, though last time I played with it (almost a year ago), it was the least developed out of the 3 (Lomiri, Phosh, and Plamo), but at the same time it was the most slick looking one.
As to how did they manage, Lomiri is just a DE, the UBPorts team fairly recently decided to detach the DE from the OS, so Lomiri to Ubuntu Touch has become basically what Plasma is to KDE Neon, except the KDE team did it in the reverse order from the UBPorts team.

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