Issues with External Display After Recent Update
I have recently started using my Pinebook Pro with a Dell usb-c dock and 4k external display.  After updating the computer this evening (it had been a week or two) and plugging it back into the dock after restarting it my bluetooth stopped working and about the right third of the external display is showing only static (built-in display still works without issues).  I was never able to get it to boot properly attached to the dock, I have always had to plug it back in after logging in.

After fiddling with the bluetooth and several restarts, it's working again.  However, the external display is still showing static on the right side.  I have tested another laptop with the dock and external display and there are no issues.

Any thoughts or suggestions?  Anything else I can troubleshoot or test?  My first thought is a hardware issue (I have used the usb-c ports only a handful of times so far), but it seems weird that it started just after an update.  I would really like to get it working with my external display again.  It makes the experience so much better.

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