scp.bin not found, can't complete apt upgrade
I'm running Bookworm on my community edition Pinephone.

For the past couple weeks, every time I've tried a "sudo apt upgrade", it errors out with the error that it can't find /etc/lib/scp.bin.
I've tried running the Software app, it can't download the updates, complains of missing dependencies (but doesn't say what they are),

and now when I try to run apt update, it 404 errors on trixie-security and trixie-updates, then says there's no release file for trixie-security and trixie-updates, therefore they can't be updated securely and are disabled.

I tried sudo apt-get clean followed by sudo apt-get check followed by sudo apt-get -f install

after that it listed some packages that could be removed and then said 0 updated, 0 newly installed, 18 to remove, 380 to upgrade.

so I tried autoremove and got the original error:
md5sum: /usr/lib/crust/scp.bin: no such file or directory
And then I get two errors when the script tries to run scp.bin

Does anyone have any clue what is happening and what I need to do to fix it? Do I have to do a complete re-install? Sad
So I've been dinking around ignorantly and discovered something...
whatever script apt upgrade calls runs a script which does
md5sum /usr/lib/crust/scp.bin
which errors our.
/usr/lib/crust on my machine is a symbolic link to the *file* /usr/lib/crust-firmware/pinephone
I'm guessing it should be a symbolic link to /usr/lib/crust-firmware and/or /usr/lib/crust/scp.bin should be a symbolic link to /usr/lib/crust-firmware/pinephone.

I'm not experienced or knowledgeable enough to fix this, however Sad

I seem to have fixed it.
I cded to /usr/lib/crust-firmware
then "cp pinephone scp.bin"
then I unlinked the symlink from /usr/lib/crust
"unlink /usr/lib/crust"
then I linked the directory to the directory
"ln -s /usr/lib/crust-firmware /usr/lib/crust"

Then I did a sudo apt upgrade and the upgrade appears to be proceeding

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