updated now phone won't start
Hi all,

I just picked up my pine phone again after putting it down when I couldn't get it to receive calls. Wanted to test some other ideas for it. I saw there was a bunch of updates. I ran it and got an error that I found the solution for here: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?pid=96656. After the update was completed, I went back to the package manager store (I forget what it's called, Discover maybe?) and it would only show the basic skeleton of the app without content loading. Well there were a lot of updates and it actually had locked me out and requiring my password but the keyboard wouldn't come up so I attached a keyboard and it worked. I figured it may have needed a reboot so I did it. Now to get it to do anything I have to hold the power button for about 20 seconds. The light turns red, it changes to orange or green depending on the angle you look at it and gives a little bump vibration, the screen lights (still black but it's lit) for a split second, then goes back off. This happens on or off charger. 

Any ideas?

Interestingly, the battery completely depleted during the upgrade (even though it was plugged in). I installed the latest manjaro from scratch and it had enough power to boot up so I thought that was it, the OS was just jacked up. Until I noticed the battery was on 6% even though it had been on the charger overnight. I've tried various chargers and cables and it seems to maybe be a battery issue. I found one combination that got it up to 10% so far. Anyway, seems to be a battery/charging issue and as such I'll mark it resolved.
After the system update the other day I experienced similar issues. Battery indicator showed a question mark on the lock screen. Phone was warm. Battery charge showed quick decline in the top menu. Frequent freezing. Won't get 4G on my carrier. I notice a lot of change in the UI. After a few reboots, the battery indicator looks normal and discharge rate is normal, but still freezes frequently.
As these are beta phones and brand new immature operating systems,

it could not hurt to have a spare battery and maybe the Pine64 external battery charger.?
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