Notification light when entering low power
I get a flashing notification light when the phone is entering low power mode. This is something that I absolutely don't want as it prompts me to wake the phone up to see what the notification is. Is there a way to prevent this?
Under Settings > Notifications....

You can pick all applications or ..... just the ones you do want.
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It's a Gnome notification, but I don't think it's possible yet to disable it just like that. Here is an old bug report about this issue.
Thanks for the link. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
Did this ever get addressed? I speculate that you can use gdbus to catch the notification and kill it before it causes the blue light to flash. My solution would follow this vague outline:
A script watches dbus-monitor for a method call of Notify
The script matches whatever power notification I want to auto-dismiss
The script notes the serial of this method
The script watches for a subsequent line with that reply_serial
The script notes the returned quantity, the notification ID
The script calls CloseNotification on that notification ID (see suspend-wake notes for example syntax)

Find out what notification it is:
dbus-monitor --session "interface=org.freedesktop.Notifications" >> ~/Desktop/MyNotificationLog.txt

I'd log the dbus-monitor to a log file:
dbus-monitor --session >> ~/Desktop/MyNotificationLog.txt
When the blue light comes on I'd do a grep on that file and look for where it matches that notification:
grep ~/Desktop/MyNotificationLog.txt -e "interface=org.freedesktop.Notifications; member=Notify" -A4
If the last line says the text of the notification, I'd make note of the serial=N1 number. I'd do a grep
grep ~/Desktop/MyNotificationLog.txt -e "reply_serial=N1 " -A1
I'd make a note of the return quantity, unit32 N2, and do:
gdbus call --session --dest org.freedesktop.Notifications --object-path /org/freedesktop/Notifications --method org.freedesktop.Notifications.CloseNotification N2
I still get this annoying notification light on Mobian every day. It's disappointing that such important issues take so many months to solve. Sometimes I wonder if any Phosh developers ever test their software.

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