Changed pin to blank and can't get into phone now.
Hi all,

I got tired of putting my pin into the phone so I changed it to blank in settings.  I tried opening the phone up and now everything I enter (including blank) results in Wrong PIN.  What's the next step?

Plug a keyboard into the phone, hit Ctrl+Alt+F2, login as root and change your password.
Just tried that. I don’t see any response to the keystroke. Do I need to plug into a screen or should the phone display a terminal?

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Hmm. Okay. I was able to get a terminal with ctrl alt F3. Tried logging in as root with:
- my old pin
- blank
- 123456

But none work.

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Is it time to reinstall the OS?
I would just re-flash,
It is so easy with the Pinephone, especially if your are using an sd card.

Hopefully you do not have a lot of stuff saved on the existing installation.....
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Quote:- my old pin
- blank
- 123456
root's password won't be any of those. I'm assuming because you tried 123456 that you're using Arch. root's password by default is "root".
You can also boot the jumpdrive image and mount the eMMC partition over USB, then you can manually edit /etc/shadow.

Generate a new password with:

openssl passwd -6

and copy it instead of the current one to /etc/shadow
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