Screen stuck in Portrait mode.
Using the pre-installed Android 5.1.1 OS.  The Pine64 was working fine for the first few boots, but after I installed and opened an app from the Google Play store the screen rotated from landscape to portrait and has been stuck that way. 

I Tried to power off + on, and tried uninstalling the app that seemingly caused the problem... Any other ideas?

(FYI - this was using the HDMI output to a tv screen)
I ran into this issue. I downloaded an app that rotated the screen back. I don't remember which app.
The "fix" for me was to go to go into the settings and reset the device.  I was careful to only install Netflix, YouTube and one game that plays in landscape mode after resetting a few times.

Not ideal, but at least it's not going into portrait mode.
I installed a app called "Screen Orientation" This allowed me to set a widget to rotate when I pressed it. Hope this helps.

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