New phone - setup - only landscape - KDE plasma
Hello everybody,

i'm new on Pinephone. Just received a new device with KDE Plasma. after boot, the "Welcome Screen" popup in Landscape. Most fields are inaccessible, so i'm unable to do the setup. Only hard shutdown is possible.

Any ideas or experience with this situation?

Thank's in advance.

If you touch the top center of your screen you should get a drop-down menu that will give you a lock/unlock option to rotate your screen.

As this is still beta software, you may need to rotate back & forth from landscape and portrait to view or access the necessary buttons.

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download the newest release
flash this on your card and try. If working, install to eMMC.
There have been some releases of Manjaro KDE plasma mobile, that were not so great regarding rotation. The recent ones do it very well.

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