Mobian pinephone -- "Stalled" (best way to describe it)
Mobian pinephone -- "Stalled" (best way to describe it)

It is a new Mobian model pinephone.

I was able to complete the Mobian install.
Apt-get added some apps.
LOVED the phone.

I let it go for a week and charged it via an intel nuc (and other ways, see below).

This is as far as I get.

The green light goes on when charging for 4-5 seconds.
Then it (boots?) falls through to this screen.
The green light goes off.
I never see a red light.

I tried my pin and varies passwords at this screen and press "OK".
It accepts the OK and loops back to this screen.

I have:
* fully powered it off/on.
* removed tape from battery.
* charged it for 3 days, while off, on the NUC.
* charged it for 3 days, while off, on a surge-protector USB port.
* used the provided orange cable.
* removed the battery and tried it while connected via USB (it does the same thing).

* (it did the first time) but does not now show ANYTHING on the desktop

when connected to the desktop. Does not even show that it is connected

now (it did the first time).

What else can I try?

Has anyone else experienced this same scenario?

Should I repeat this post under hardware?

Thank you!
That looks like the full disk encryption unlock screen. One thing I've found with that is that you have to enter the pass phrase exactly, if you use the delete key to correct a typo it will not work. Will it boot off an SD card?
You should definitely try booting off an SD card to make sure this isn't a hardware issue. I had an issue where I tried installing Mobian to an SD and it wasn't working and turned out my download was messed up but I didn't find that out until downloading a new OS and trying from there.
If you want to try running from an sd card,  the  'Bookworm -  Sept. 24 nightly release'  runs pretty well after doing the software updates.

At this stage of development, one days release may have a fault that the next days release has corrected.

With Mobian especially, if todays release happens to fail, then just try the next release, it will most likely work.
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