SFOS 4.2
It seems that the image created using flashit script since October 1st has telephony functions back at least at previous level.
Was able to send and receive SMS and receive a call. Calling a contact with country code did not work. Using dialpad and without country code call was initiated. During a call or call attempt the Cancel button does not work.
SIM card PIN unlocking does not still work, so an unlocked SIM card must be used.
E-mail still crashes when you try to open a mail for reading.
But anyway - thanks for the progress so far Smile

(09-24-2021, 02:35 PM)OhneZ Wrote: Another quick question: does an SD card actually run in the Pinephone now? I don't have one here at the moment to test it.
If you mean with the question, that can one boot eg SailfishOS that is "flashed" to the SD card, then the answer is yes - have been done it all the time.
If the question was, that if a SD card can be used for data storage, when SailfishOS is installed into emmc, then I guess the answer is also yes. Can't test it at moment as I'm running SailfishOS from the SD card, but I'm using a combo usbA/usbC memory stick for data exchange.

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