Updating old Mobian installation?
Hey, I've noticed lately that my Mobian installation isn't getting updates anymore, I heard there was a new Debian release so I presume it has something to do with that. What do I do to upgrade to the new release?
The "Mobian Team" has  moved on,  from Bullseye to Bookworm.

So Debian will now be issuing the security updates and 'fixes'...  for Bullseye.

If you want to move on to Bookworm as well, there are a few instructions available elsewhere on the forum,  or the Mobian website.

OR  you can simply download and flash the latest nightly from their website.
<>  That will have the  'new repositories'  included in the download.

But Bookworm is considered a "TESTING"  release.    ***  ( But I think all Pine phone OSes are "TESTING" releases for now ? )
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