I'd like to have a Discord client on Mobian
I see that there isn't a Discord client under the Software installer nor available at the command line with apt.

Would it be possible to install the .deb directly?

If the source code needs to be ported to Mobian, are there guides for how to go about that? I'm willing to give it a try.

Thank you.
Discord is closed source, so you either need to use the browser version (which would be better anyway, since the Discord app is a massive spyware), or kiss their feet in return to make an ARM version available (and I doubt they will).
If you go for the browser version, I suggest you use Qutebrowser for that, since most other browsers are pretty much soyware, and Discord itself is very bloated too.
And Qutebrowser allows you to zoom the web app down while still being able to click everywhere without having to misclick all the time (using the "F" key).
Zooming out is necessary, because otherwise you won't see shit while using Discord on a small screen, since the desktop/web version of Discord is not a responsive app.
Ugh, Discord siphons all kinds of data... May as well just use a Google device and skip the Linux
(04-16-2022, 06:55 AM)Hobbes42 Wrote: Ugh, Discord siphons all kinds of data... May as well just use a Google device and skip the Linux

Yeah, I don't get it, either.


What is Free Software and why is it so important for society?

Protocols, not Platforms

For the most Linux-y experience on your Linux phone, try SXMO!

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