How do I disable autologin on TwisterOS?
I know this is really basic, but how does one disable autologin in TwisterOS? I can't find any instructions for either the GUI or the CLI to do this anywhere. I don't like the security risk of it auto-logging me in every time I turn on my Pinebook Pro.

Thank you!
(08-25-2021, 09:19 PM)Elenawonder Wrote: change your root password. sudo -i and then run passwd While Twister OS will install on the 3B+ it is not recomended. Twister OS was designed and built around the Pi4 and you may experience issues installing on the 3B+. Is Twister OS a 64-bit OS? Twister OS is a 32-bit OS. How do I patch Twister OS?

Thank you, but I have already changed my password (and the root password), but that didn't change the fact that TwisterOS automatically logs me in on first boot.
I dont use twisterOS, but should be an autologin config in the display manager (if using xfce,  /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf )
Thanks! That got me close enough. The full directory path was /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d. There were two files in the directory: 11-armbian.conf and 22-armbian-autologin.conf. In 11-armbian.conf, I changed greeter-show-manual-login to true from false, and in the other file, I commented out these two lines like this:
Now, I get the login screen when I first boot up TwisterOS!

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