When to dist-upgrade vs when to reinstall?
Hello all:

When should I be satisfied with upgrading via the apt package manager, and when should I do a complete reinstall? Are there changes that occur in the updated Mobian images which are not implemented when an old installation upgrades via apt?

An example: When I installed Mobian in October 2020, full disk encryption (FDE) was not available so I had to hack together an encrypted /home/ partition using cryptsetup and LUKS. Then, some time in December, the Mobian images packaged a native FDE setup tool. If I were to reinstall now, I could set up FDE natively.

Is FDE an *exception* or the *rule*? Am I missing other important features and fixes by upgrading via apt?

Thanks again

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When to dist-upgrade vs when to reinstall? - by DrPlamsa - 07-23-2021, 07:06 AM

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