Create a Phosh App in 10 Minutes
I searched but did not find a thread about this, apologies if I missed it.

I have been investigating app development (especially on Phosh) and I came across a nice video from our very own @pizzalovingnerd the other day, showing just how easy it can be to whip up some little app, using Phosh and Python:

And from the looks of it, it is actually quite easy!

I just want to encourage anyone who has some interest in this area to pursue it!  If you are a student, retired, or otherwise have a little time on your hands and like to tinker and learn, there are a lot of little small and useful apps that could be written, for example:

  • Some GUI to display GPS and cell tower data (like all those on Android)
  • Some note capture app (customized to your liking)
  • A todo.txt app (slightly more involved)
  • There are some threads around with people requesting things (maybe we should link them here)
  • Whatever grabs your interest

I was really struck by how easy it actually seems to develop on this platform, especially with Phosh and Python.  No JavaShit nor huge libraries / IDEs necessary like on Android (which I tried a couple times over the years but just gave up in disgust!).

I have to get back to work soon, but after watching that video I feel like it's only a matter of time until I try my hand at some small app development.

Feel free to discuss development, licensing issues, or whatever else you feel is related!
Thanks for promoting my video Smile
Yes it really is easy to do.
Oh look, the man himself has graced us with his presence!  Big Grin

Thanks for making all the videos, mate!  They really got me through that initial research phase and to the point of being OK pulling the trigger on buying a PinePhone.

Now it's my daily driver, and I think I can reasonably claim I have contributed a fair amount to the community by now with little things I've learned along the way (mostly here on the forums).


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