Mobian with X11 without Wayland and Phosh.

I have quite a big challenge (for me).

Well, a few years ago I wrote an application in Python and TKinter. It ran without issue on a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ under an X11 display server.
I set it to run on startup and take up the full screen.
The user did not have access to the installed system and could not close my application.
I created an interface for WiFi, sound, system shutdown, etc. All settings were in my application.
Nothing could be installed or uninstalled. This is how it was supposed to be. Just my app.

Now I would like to transfer all this to PinePhone.
I added XWayland, all the necessary libraries and finally the application started.

It works fine, but there is one big problem.
Full screen not working properly. The two bars in Phosh (bottom and top) are still visible.
A user can go into the system and kill my application, add another one of their own, etc.
This is undesirable for this application.

And now the questions:

How do I disable these two system bars at the top and bottom?
If this can't be done, how do I install a clean Mobian/Debian and X11 server so that I can run my application?
I hope it runs and she's the only one on screen.
How do I run my application on device startup?

I am asking for help because I am a beginner in Linux and PinePhone.

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