Phosh message notifications issue
Hi all,

I'm having an issue with Phosh 0.12. When the screen is off OR if the screen is on but I'm using another app, the notifications for messages (such as sms, telegram, webapps) are silent. If the screen is off, the display turns on and shows the lockscreen and the led light blinks, but there is no sound or vibration. If I'm in another app, the notification displays at the top of the screen, but the phone does not make a sound or vibrate. However, if the screen is on and I am using that app, the phone will make a sound and vibrate.

Phone calls ring and vibrate no matter what state the phone is in, so at least there is that.

I have checked in the notifications gui settings and every setting for the messaging apps is set to the same values as the Calls app. I have also gone into the terminal and run:
gsettings set org.sigxcpu.feedbackd profile full

I have not created any feedbackd themes for specific apps or events, nor have I made any changes to the original files. When I run
fbcli -t -1 -E message-new-sms

The phone vibrates and makes a noise.

It's almost like there are separate profiles for display on / display off, but I cannot seem to find something that would indicate that in the feedbackd docs.

Any help would be appreciated!
Well after thinking more about it and re-reviewing the feedbackd config file located at:

I realized that the issue was that in the profiles for 'full' and 'quiet' (which is where the sound and vibrate are respectively) there were no 'event-name' sub-profiles for 'message-missed-sms' only for 'message-new-sms'. So I duplicated the profiles for message-new-sms and message-new-instant, pasted them, and changed the event-names for the dupes to message-missed-sms and message-missed-instant. I reset the phone and tested and it works now!
hi itstoughtofocus,

Does your pinephone behave correctly for non chatty calls (xmpp).

ie turn on screen
produce an audible ring

I am trying to get dino-im to work and following your post I now get a sound for notifications when the screen is off but nothing at all for dino calls ?

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