phosh 11 stops dead at login after update
After, I believe, the second update on phosh 11 the system hangs at the manjaro login screen with the tiny characters before the numerical pad usually comes up. I haven't found any similar problems yet. Thanks for any advice or pointers towards resolving this problem.
Provided it is the same issue, here's what it looks like after the update. (See pic)  The font is 8pt? 6pt?

on Manjaro Plasma we do the following, we run another OS from the SD and everyday we boot from the eMMC connecting a keyboard via the dock, then we log in from the terminal you show in the photo and update manually, when the appropriate updates come it will boot again, it may take 2-3 days, the problem arises from partial updates which break the system

another way to connect to the phone is through the headphone UART cable

the internet connection is achieved through ethernet from the dock or by running the `nmtui` command to set up the wireless connection

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