Future RK3588 model
(07-06-2021, 10:30 AM)Arwen Wrote: Hmm, I had missed / forgotten that the newer SoC supported more than 8GBs of memory.

However, everyone should understand that DDR3/4 modular memory has some complexities that can make things both difficult in hardware and firmware, (having to read the EEPROM from the DDR3/4 board, and initialize based on what is read). Plus, it can add both main board space and chassis space. Some of the RISC-V boards have run across this exact issue, and choose the cheaper & simpler route of making the board with the memory.

One way we could work around this, is to put 4GB, (or 8GB), on the main board. Then have a specialized, (aka simplified), board connector for additional memory. Wire it up so that a daughter board can handle 16GBs. Thus, it would be possible to go to 20GB, (4GB on the main board, and 16GB on the memory daughter board). I can see that Pine64 might limit what they make to 4GB or 8GB daughter boards, as being more likely to sell in quantities. Leaving it up to others to perhaps make 12GB or 16GB daughter boards.

Of course, all that extra memory does take POWER. So, some people will be happy with 4GBs and the reduced power draw of a new SoC, giving them equal or longer battery life than existing Pinebook Pros.

While I would like to max out the device, this seems like a reasonable approach, and one not without precedence in x86 world - e.g., lots of early ThinkPad models had some basic minimal amount of RAM on the motherboard that could then be extended using add-on cards. E.g., ThinkPad 750C I rebuilt just recently had 4MiB on board, and then could take up to 16MiB special DRAM card to get a whopping 20MiB of RAM.

Of course, it would be really nice to have at least 8GiB on mobo in that kind of setup, but I recognize that how much actual RAM will be on the board will have to be a balancing act between power consumption, price, etc. One thing I will say - It would be absolutely brilliant if for the extra RAM the standard SODIMM modules were used, the same as in virtually all other modern laptops. If that were the case I'd be forgiving of almost any amount of RAM soldered on board, no matter how small. Assuming those SODIMM modules can be initialized and used properly in the OS.
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