Dummy output
It seems to come back to this every few months or so: Just when I feel like my Mobian is getting great battery life, and is responsive 90% of the time I would get an update after which the phone rings after a long sleep and I cannot answer it no matter how I press the "answer" indicater.  At this point, the phone will either continue ringing and would also start vibrating/buzzing as if obssessed. I would have to press the power button for a long time for it to shut down.   Another scenerio (after another update) is that after the phone sleeps and a call comes in, I could pick up, but there's no sound. This time when i checked in the setting, it had gone to "Dummy Output" for the output, and nothing for the input.  Again, I would have to reboot.

Am i the only one in this cycle? I am still with 5.10. Am confused as to exactly what software I'm suppose to be using. what is phosh? what is wayland? what is flatpak? (these are all secret questions i feel i'm too dumb to ask Smile

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