Audio output switching anomalies
Early versions of wireplumber had a bug that prevented switching the audio output from the earpiece back to the speaker after a call, meaning the next call would ring through the earpiece. This was issue #156 and is fixed in v0.5.2, available now in Trixie.

That fix unmasks 2 other related issues which I suspect have been around for awhile.

1) When I disconnect a call that had been on speaker, the output sometimes gets switched to the earpiece instead of being left on the speaker. The next call then rings through the earpiece. The currently-selected ports can be queried with:
pactl list|grep 'Active Port: '

2) When the audio is set to Earpiece and a call is received, when I answer it the audio sometimes gets switched to the speaker instead of remaining on the earpiece. This can be tested by forcing the output before getting a call:
pactl set-sink-port "@DEFAULT_SINK@" "[Out] Earpiece"

In both cases, it's like the audio system is sometimes doing a simple toggle of the output instead of routing it correctly. These issues could be due to a configuration problem rather than a bug in wireplumber. I have not seen any failure to switch the profile between "HiFi" and "Voice Call", it seems to be just the output destination that can be wrong.

The intermittent nature is confounding, as is my general ignorance of Linux audio.  I don't know if any current wireplumber reports cover this but I did find this likely match for ALSA on Mobian.

Has anyone else observed these issues? Does anyone have insight on where to start debugging this?
I've observed those issues. Sometimes, just after a call, changing the output device is impossible. It switches from earpiece to speaker when I stop charging the phone too, weird.

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