Kernel panics on Youtube

For a couple of weeks now, my Pinebook Pro gets into frequent kernel panics.
The most noticable activity going on at those time is Youtube playing long clips.

At first, I thought it was the NVMe drive overheating, so I set the laptop on a cooling pad.
The kernel panics still occur even though the temp is low (I keep Psensor on the screen foreground).

This page suggest rebuilding the initramfs but I am wary of these kind of operations.

My unit is running the stock Manjaro distribution.

Can anyone propose a troubleshooting course?

I'm seeing similar reboot issues with my Pinebook Pro that has the original Debian on it. I suspect in my case the issue might be related to heat; video playback seems to cause the CPU to spike to max frequency, resulting in a lot of power usage/heat generated, and I don't think the hardware design dissipates it quick enough. As a work around, I've started clamping the max frequency at 1.01ghz.. doesn't seem to affect the video playback at 480p at least..

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