Cannot run onionshare-gui on pp manjaro plasma
Hi all,

I tried to install onionshare ( on Manjaro Plasma. I installed through Discover, but looks like I could also have done:

sudo pacman -S onionshare

Upon selecting onionshare from the launcher menu, nothing happens.

The .desktop file for onionshare executes "onionshare-gui".

I tried running that on the command line and I get:

ImportError: /usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/PyQt5/ undefined symbol: _ZTI18QOpenGLTimeMonitor, version Qt_5

It turns out I can get the same error by just running python, and then typing:
from PyQt5 import QtGui

Has anyone hit a similar error already? I haven't done any Qt development in python, but this looks like it would be a fairly important package?

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