Still waiting. No response from support.
I've emailed support AT LEAST 3 times since I got my "Your Package has shipped". I have yet to hear back from them about ANYTHING. 

I got the email on May 27th. That's almost 3 weeks ago. 

It came with a tracking number. I emailed them a few days later to let them know the tracking number would not work. Then about a week ago I got the Kickstarter email saying that some packages didn't get "scanned" or whatever. Now I see that MANY other people are in the same boat. 

I tried my tracking number again... Still, nothing. It just says "Pending" like it did since May 27th. 

Why am I being ignored by support? Why hasn't my package gotten here yet? Why hasn't my tracking number been updated? Why haven't I received any information other than the Kickstarter update that blamed the shipping company? 

This is my tracking number... As if it would help.

I just tried your tracking number and it looks to me like it shipped today. See attachment.

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As the latest kickstarter update suggested, there were issues with tracking numbers between 27th of May and the 3rd of June that are only now being corrected. I suspect the package will have been shipped and now the tracking info will play catch-up.
So does that mean it was shipped on the 15th? Or the tracking info was updated on the 15th?

Suspicious that the day I post about this is when the tracking FINALLY updates.

This is a giant clusterf--k.
Could be worse. I'm still waiting for a tracking number.
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