Board doesn't boot when wifi/Bluetooth connected with Lcd screen
Boots when just wifi/Bluetooth, and boots when just LCD/ Touchscreen. I'm running the android lcd version. When both are in the red light turns off then on and and nothing happens
As the light is going off, i'd say it's power related - are you using a 5v 2A PSU? Also try another cable Smile
Ive tried two cables. One is a 5v 2a power cable and plug in one. What is the PSU part?
(06-15-2016, 05:44 PM)Krinilssen Wrote: Ive tried two cables. One is a 5v 2a power cable and plug in one. What is the PSU part?

PSU is shorthand for power supply unit - the bit you plug into the wall that changes 120/240AC to 5v DC for the pine64. Is is your own, or is it the one that pine64 sold? 

A lot of people recommend 5v 2A power supplies for boards like the pine64, and even the lower power Raspberry Pi, as they tend to keep the voltage stable, as a lot of them tend to drop down to 4.9v or lower pretty quickly, and with poor cables, it can easily drop down to 4.5v by the time it reaches the pine64, make it a very unhappy board!
It is my own not a Pine issued one. I plan on testing my Raspberry pi power cable when I'm home. Would that be stable enough for the pine with a lcd/touchscreen and wifi/Bluetooth module attached?

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