minicom to access quectel modem

decided to post my query here but it is really a continuation of my possible modem problems in the hardware section,

in trying to understand my problem with my limited knowledge i consulted the pin64 wiki page - modem section,

and realized i had to use minicom to get at the information i wanted. i downloaded minicom and am now stuck at how exactly to set up my serial device in minicom! i would like to be able to see the volte list in the above link for the command, AT+QMBNCFG="list". i have a feeling this may be part of my problem. i am on a budget network of telus in canada, koodo/telus. when i enter the command, minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB2, again from the above link, i get the message 'cannot open serial port ttyUSB2.

any help would be appreciated,

Did you stop the services that are normally using the modem first? For Phosh that would be modemmanager, and for plasma-mobile it would be ofono. Something like:

sudo systemctl disable ModemManager.service
sudo systemctl stop ModemManager.service
whatever you want to do with the modem
sudo systemctl enable ModemManager.service
sudo systemctl start ModemManager.service
No, I did not. Thanks for the tip! I'll try and find the manjaro equivalent services.

Since for once we all have the same hardware, do you have any advice for setting up the serial device (quectel modem) properly, baud rates etc? It is my understanding that I have complete that before I can proceed. And how does one exit minicom gracefully? Thanks again.
Ctrl-a then x to get out of minicom IIRC - think it's in the man page. I had trouble getting minicom's local echo to work so ended up using picocom. I don't think it's necessary but you can set the bitrate from the cli using '-b 115200' switch. Use '-c' switch on cli to enable local echo, or Ctrl-a Ctrl-c to toggle it during a session. Exit with Ctrl-a Ctrl-x. If in doubt check the man page. I assume it's the same on manjaro as mobian, which is what I was using when messing with the GPS.

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