System keeps turning modem off -2 part issue?
SO I have the Manjaro community version, and I have updated, but the modem keeps getting turned off by the OS. I say OS because I also am trying out UBPorts on an SD card, and not having this issue.

Upon boot up, the modem is up and connected to the carrier then within a minute is shutdown.

It seems the OS has ON/OFF switches to turn things on and off. The inside area will turn blue while in the ON position, and turn the background color of the screen when in the OFF position.

Checking the power settings, I see the ability to turn off modem, WiFi, and Bluetooth are all turned to the ON position in which I interpret to mean while in the ON position, the system can can turn those off. However, when going to the OFF position, those devices will be shut down. So now I am confused about that.

Any ideas what is going on?
I am having a similar issue, currently investigating it. 

Can you please tell us the name of your cell service provider, and post the output of `dmesg -b`?

Please make sure to remove any sensitive personal information that might be part of that output.

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