Boot problems
(05-14-2021, 02:50 PM)wdt Wrote: @djhnsn
Yes, I have a bit of experience with mis-matched uboot-OS, different than you
I suppose it could be a hardware problem, but you are sometimes getting boots - emmc recognition
I assume you have checked that emmc is seated in its socket, or tried unplug - replug
You could setup pbp like mine, until you find a satisfactory uboot,, emmc 1st 16M blanked, mbr restored
Then, the only uboot is on SD, lsblk and dmesg | grep mmc to see what is happening
Then, try 'satisfactory' uboot ONLY on SD to see if will boot emmc (blank mbr on SD, note sector #s)
Sometimes a couple second pause seems to make a difference, I don't know how to set this up
(the point to doing all uboot experimentation on SD, if you screw up or something badly mis-matched, easier to recover)

(05-14-2021, 04:47 PM)jessef Wrote:
(05-12-2021, 11:33 PM)wdt Wrote: Well, idbloader is doing its job, to enumerate and activate the memory
The cpu has only enough memory to run idbloader
I suspect your failed installs have put part of the uboot package on emmc, but not all
Try seeing what uboot tells you with emmc removed, you did get a successful boot with only SD
Yes, without the emmc it boots to the SD just fine. I've got the USB interface for the EMMC on order, I'll see if I can fix it with that.

If I am using an EMMC to usb reader to flash. It is always recognized. I doubt it is a Hardware problem with the EMMC. The EMMC always makes it to uboot. My uboot is on the EMMC, and once I am in, it works the whole time.

I inspected both male and female sockets with a microscope and found some flux bridging 2 pins on the socket in the pinebook. Cleaning this made no difference. 

The BSP uboot fails for me 100% of the time. It will faill with only a single failure to connect the EMMC. 

The most recent pinebookpro-uboot from the manjaro repo seems to work more frequently than the others, but still fails too often. 

I would post some pictures, but the file size limit here is too low, and my adblocker isn't letting me upload to imgur. 

I am about to flash again, because I can't get past uboot with the BSP uboot I currently have installed. 
Someone on here also recommended me some other uboot to try. 

Ultimately, I feel like giving up on this thing and putting it on the shelf for a few months. 
It's pretty frustrating working on this for over a week and still can't boot more than 3x in a row followed by not booting 10x.
Here are a couple of pictures. The success shows manjaro booting after a single error 110 with the manjaro uboot, and the bsp uboot failing after a single error 110. After a few boots, I will exceed 4 error 110's on manjaro and begin failing to boot.

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