Shipping stuck on creating label, tracking complaints
(05-04-2021, 09:26 AM)PineNewbie Wrote:
(04-30-2021, 06:56 AM)wizardofthemodem Wrote: I made two separate orders at the same time. One for the pine phone case and screen-cover and one for the pine phone itself.

In both instances I got two emails with the exact same contents saying my order was complete. 4 emails total. A duplicate with each one.
With the case I got detailed tracking and could see it travel through china, to the plane and see when it landed in America where I am.

On the pine-phone All I've gotten is a (Label created near where I live ) when I click on the tracking number and its been there for 2 weeks.
I have the same situation. Mine came into JFK, then went to Chicago, left there on 4/29 supposedly. USPS has a label created near where I live that says "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" no other activity... and that label was created on 4/23 which was the day it was leaving Hong Kong. Its puzzling.
I got the "label created" on 4/23 also from USPS Grand Prairie, TX.  Checked this morning to see delivery set for today (5/4).  Got it this afternoon.

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