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I have contacts who have asked me to use Telegram and Signal with them. Are there mobile versions for Mobian? It looks like the desktop versions of both programs need the user to scan a QR code in using the mobile versions to get started, and I don't have an Android or iOS device. (Searching the Mobian Software library didn't find anything.)
So far the desktop version is only a "slave app" to the one on your iphone or android phone as you can't register an account with the desktop app without a SIM.

For running it on mobian I think the choice is either using anbox + android signal OR using axolotl directly which is a separate unofficial client for signal.

I heard of people on reddit trying to compile the desktop version for mobile but it never worked and I'm not very optimistic about this approach (signal desktop is notoriously heavy on desktop already...).

Try them out and don't forget to tell us! I'm waiting for signal to work on the pinephone to switch to is as my daily driver. All I need is Signal and Anki / Ankidroid.
telegram does work on the PinePhone, and some distros come with it preinstalled a base app
I forgot to add that recent coms from signal indicate a future push toward supporting arm and being in general easier to add to a platform. I think that Apple's recent move to use arm for its chips is part of the reason.

In the meantime I know of no other way than what I said above.
In the Twitter video that looks like Telegram desktop - so likely you still need another device to establish an account. That seems to be the stumbling block, neither service provides a way to set up an account without scanning a QR code into an Android or iOS device. (Seems very short-sighted, and unfortunately the common assumption these days seems to be that everyone in the world has one of those devices.) I might be able to get hold of an old junk Android phone for the purpose of setting accounts up.
I don't use telegram and don't have an account, if for some reason you'd find this helpful I could create one for your or something. I am not even sure of how it works but I am willing if you have trouble finding a phone. Just PM me.
I'm using both messaging services on my Pinephone (I'm on Manjaro Phosh). Telegram is the desktop version I believe, so mobile only features don't work on there, but overall it works very well. Even voice calls are fine with a headset. I had registered a Telegram account ages ago on another phone, so I didn't have to register a new account, but I believe it's possible. There is no need for scanning a code or anything. I just had to type in my number and then received a confirmation code via SMS, so I think setting up a new account works the same way.

Signal is not as easy. I'm using Axolotl in server mode with Firefox for the front end which works for the basics. A big missing feature is group support though, Signal's new version of groups is not yet supported. Apparently Signal now forces users to upgrade old groups which effectively shuts you out from group messaging. Apart from Axolotl there is an effort to make another Signal client though.
Edit: I also had a Signal account before. But here it seems like it might be possible to set up a new Account with Axolotl as well. Seems to be the same process as with Telegram. At least worth a try I guess.
Edit 2: Official Telegram documentation suggests otherwise, seems I was wrong about registration with the desktop app. Anbox still might be an option for setting up Telegram as well as Signal initially.
Axolotl works fine on mobian (no groups though, as mentioned). You can create a signal account with Axolotl and you can pair it with the official desktop app too (see the "official" Axolotl-thread here: ).
Thanks, I installed axolotl and was able to set up an account. Will take further questions on it to the "official" thread...
I really think some effort should be put into either adapting session or creating a native tox client for pinephone. Private, decentralized, encryptexld onion routing, no phone number, no central server. Its pretty much unattackable, and a perfect match for the pinephone.

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