zfs on rockpro64 - any dual nvme PCI adapter for software raid ?
Hi everybody,
I am currently testing intensively rockpro64 in a blockchain usecase on a testnet.
As it is higlhy transactionnal, zfs OLTP performances are very appropriate to this usecase.
Actually it is the case, some easy arc size tuning makes it very performant in extreme i/o conditions.
No I want to mode forward for production testnet and I want to make it as safe.
I have found many adapters for a single nvme SSD, and I am looking for a dual PCI SSD adapter to run mirrored zfs pool on rockpro64.
Has anyone of you already found such PCIe adpater (not looking for an USB aspater) ?
For more details, I am running armbian focal ubuntu server on a rockpro64 SBC with a 2GB arc size on a 1GB zfs pool on nvme.

Many Thanks

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