List of Pinephone browsers
I made a post about browsers on the Pinephone a while ago but it's a bit outdated by now and I obviously wasn't able to test everything by myself. I though maybe we can make a list of browsers and document how well they work together. I will make the start and hope some of you also have something to add later on :D

Browsers I was able to get working.

  • Firefox: As the default browser FF works really well except for some UI glitches and the removal of PWAs which really fucked with me since Hydrogen depends on the feature.
  • Chromium: It works somewhat okay but only with x11 (via XWayland) because Ozone which should enable proper Wayland support is very buggy with the keyboard. Without Ozone you can't type a "@" which is annoying but not a deal breaker, with it I can't even type a "o". In short the Pinephone will render it at a lower resolution to decrease the performance impact caused by XWayland. In my experience it's the only browser that can reliably get out of fullscreen tho so while I dislike Chromium it's currently the best solution I have to watch video online.
  • Librewolf: Ik it's basically Firefox from a different source and with better defaults but since I got it to work I thought it still deserves at least a mention here.
  • Angelfish: The default plasma mobile browser and the only truly mobile optimized browser I know of. It's a really nice browser with a damn good UI but it still crashes a ton and sometimes has strange bugs.
  • Dillo: Not my kind of thing (a bit to retro) but still a working browser. It can't scale websites and doesn't load most of them but if you like it you can enjoy it on your Pinephone.
  • Castor: It's probably debatable and I don't use Gemini but it's awesome that there already is a mobile compatible browser for it and after a lot of fucking around I got it to work once with one version but never again. Luckily it still runs on my Arch testing setup.
  • Qutebrowser: It may seem strange to you that I include a keyboard driven browser in here but Qutebrowser works damn well. As long as you use the Terminal layout you can use it without any issues and a few little tweaks to the keybindings can improve it even father.
  • Liri Browser: I won't lie I am not a fan of material design and much less on Linux but the Liri apps work damn well beside of some scaling issue and the browser is fine and works well in my experience.
  • Midori: Like all WebkitGTK apps this browser runs like shit on the Pinephone but it runs and if you disable JS you can even somewhat use it. It has UI glitches that prevent any searches tho so if then you can only use it as default for GTK apps.
  • Epiphany: Just don't even try it! I heared some rumors about potential improvmentes in GTK4 but since I haven't seen any source for that I doubt it.
  • Vivaldi: We have so many great open source browsers so I hate to even imagine someone uses a closed source option within the Linux community but I want to get this list somewhat complete. It works but the UI is absolutely awful for mobile devices and it also seems to use XWayland. I want to add that I only started the browser to take a  look at it and deleted it right after that so this is a bit one sided and I am aware of that but common a closed source browser I mean that gets a no thanks from me!
  • Falkon: The KDE browser for desktop devices which doesn't work that well on mobile devices but it works so it's in this list.
  • QtWebBrowser: Seems to be a simple browser directly from the Qt team and made for Touch devices but it seems to be more of a thing for tablets since the UI components are far to big and start to stack on top of each other instead of scaling down.


I currently can't get Pinata to work with folders anymore so I will need a alternative to upload my pictures to. For now I won't add some of the screenshots I already prepared but I will try to fix that soon.

You can delete Cookies in Angelfish using those commands.

rm ~/.local/share/KDE/angelfish/QtWebEngine/DefaultProfile/Cookies

rm ~/.local/share/KDE/angelfish/QtWebEngine/DefaultProfile/Cookies-journal

To run Chromium with Ozone you have to add the following flags. (tested with the Flathub version of Chromium and Ungoogled Chromium)

--enable-features=UseOzoneProject --ozone-platform=wayland

Btw I made a blog post about the topic with info collected here and on Mastodon where I talk with a little more details about the best/most interesting browsers from this list to. I asked on Matrix and was tolled anything topic related is allowed but I admit this is a bit of shameless self promotion so please just tell me if any of you amazing mods wants me to remove it!
(04-21-2021, 12:46 PM)Gamey Wrote: ...
  • Firefox: As the default browser FF works really well except for some UI glitchesa 
Yeah - I have tried some others and keep reverting to Firefox. Dog slow to load as well but at least it mostly works.
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  • PinePhone BraveHeart now v1.2b 3/32Gb daily driver, dual boot via p-boot with Mobian/f2fs/Phosh on eMMC, Arch/f2fs/Phosh on SDcard
  • PinePhone v1.2a 2G/16Gb that needs USB board replaced
Two other browsers I can confirm work that aren't listed yet:

Konqueror works quite well already. Very useful for if you want to mirror a website for offline viewing.

You can get Tor Browser to work by using the unofficial Tor Browser Ports packages available on SourceForge. Keep in mind this isn't an official release by the Tor team, so treat it with caution. It is working very well for me though outside of the same slight UI scaling issues left in FireFox.
(04-21-2021, 12:46 PM)Gamey Wrote:

Why did you add so much white space in your post?

Which Firefox did you use? On Mobian, Firefox ESR (78) is installed by default. Have you tried to enable hardware acceleration? I wonder if it makes a difference in performance.

I agree that GNOME Web (Epiphany) is quite pathetic, which is a pity because it allows to create web apps very quickly.
There is also the WebKit WPE port for embedded devices. It's quite optimized and much snappier than WebKitGtk. You can try the cog browser but it has no UI elements, therefore, I suggest you to use it through my control app:

Of course it would be nicer to have the control elements in the same window but I didn't investigate how to patch cog.
I can confirm that Epiphany is crash-prone. Works well (and faster than Firefox)... until it encounters badly-coded advertising javascript and OOMs itself.

I have used w3m successfully. Plain text only, but touchscreen works for selecting images. w3m-img SHOULD display images, but I can't get it to do so in KingsCross terminal.

Installing Qutebrowser and Konqueror after reading this thread, thanks everyone!

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