Sd card slot death?
Hi all

after trying out the official PINEPHONE MicroSD EXTENDER it seams that my sd card slot is not working anymore.

I tried it with the extender and with the sd card in the internal slot.
Nothing works. Although tried an new sd-card.

With an empty card the pine phone boot up to internal memory but the sd card doesn't show up on lsblk.

Is there any other possibility to check if the sd card is detected correctly from the system?

Could anyone post an output from "lsblk" which shows how it have to look like if an sd card is found correct.

mobian@mobian:~$ lsblk
│ 179:0 0 59.5G 0 disk
179:1 0 59.5G 0 part /media/mob
│ 179:32 0 29.1G 0 disk
│ 179:33 0 504M 0 part /boot
179:34 0 28.6G 0 part /
179:64 0 4M 1 disk
179:96 0 4M 1 disk
254:0 0 1.4G 0 disk [SWAP]

(Thanks to post from rvh in another thread about how to copy/paste, I did thus in my PP.)
(04-21-2021, 06:00 AM)Hurrikan Wrote: Could anyone post an output from "lsblk" which shows how it have to look like if an sd card is found correct.


Also taking a look at:

sudo dmesg | tail -15

Should provide either "helpful" errors or recognition of the sdcard directly after inserting.

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Having similar issues after using the microSD extender.

I measured the adapter and a microSD card with a cheap digital caliper.

The extender is a uniform 0.97mm thick.
The microSD card is 0.71mm thick on the end that contains the contacts. The lip on the opposite end is 0.96mm.

That 0.26mm additional thickness is probably compressing the spring contacts past their normal position and they can no longer make reliable contact with the thinner microSD card.
Datasheet from a very similar looking microSD/SIM socket.
The socket has a switch that detects a card insertion. On the PinePhone schematics page 9 it shows SW connected to PF6 on the SOC. It may be what is damaged.

The leading edge of the microSD card is beveled to slide over the pins, the extender is not beveled. The leading edge may have caught on the switch.

On my phone the problem is the switch.
Testing continuity on a working phone the contacts are open when a card is not inserted and they close when the card is fully inserted, connecting S/W and T6.
[Image: sd%2Bsocket.jpg]
The metal shielding makes it impossible to see the inner workings of this switch. After fiddling with it, I now have the switch permanently shorted and now the card is detected. I can boot from SD again.

Also, I don't think the thickness of the extender damages the data pins, looking at it closely with the case off, I can see the pins making contact. The switch however I can't see, and may be damaged either by the thickness of the extender or the lack of a bevel on the leading edge.
Try booting from the modified version of JumpDrive linked in this post
If it works, then the card detect switch is damaged in the SD socket. The modified JumpDrive image ignores the state of the switch.
I have exactly the same problem. The last distro could boot without problem was Mobian. Everything changed when I wanted to try another distro.

Many people tell me to boot jumpdrive but I see that it needs to boot from SDCard. I don't know what to do.

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