Pine Phone Desktop Mode or "Standard" Gnome Desktop on PinePhone?

I'd like to install a standard mobian/debian distribution to use my pinephone as a very small desktop replacement with a fullsize BT Keyboard + Mouse but  I got many of small Problems which are real showstoppers right now....

- The Display is still vertical and I see no way how to configure it to be 'normal' horizontally orientated, even after modifying the xorg.conf (or wayland)
- despite the fact I uninstalled (purged) POSH  it still boots automatically into the "old" system - gdm3 is installed but is ignored anyway...
- I don't get any framebuffer bootscreen with the kernel messages as all other devices do... don't know why my parameters while booting are absolutely ignored, it seems?

Maybe it's the wrong way to take a mobian an uninstall all "unneccessary" stuff from it, maybe there is a better way to start off a 'minimal debian' image on the phone?

Thanks a lot!



If you follow the instructions in you should get get your gdm3 environment on reboot. That will probably sort out the orientation issue too. No idea on the other q's, but I'm sure someone will have...

(04-06-2021, 05:34 AM)4920441 Wrote: - despite the fact I uninstalled (purged) POSH  it still boots automatically into the "old" system - gdm3 is installed but is ignored anyway...

If you're sure gdm3 is installed then try:

sudo systemctl disable phosh

Some extra/optional steps here and here.

so far so good. 
But I still don't get a text/framebuffer bootscreen and permanent orientation is not possible either, despite I tried a lot with the options which are commented with "for pine Tab only"...

Login works and now I get my gnome desktop running in the 'correct' Aspect ratio, that is working fine so far.

(But... I think its too small anyway to use it as a desktop replacement.... will try out a HDMI Out Adapter, but then the whole concept is broken anyway:-)  



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